Combination of MALT lymphoma of the nasopharynx and the rectum: a case report

Safia Yahiaouia


Mucosa –associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) is an extra-nodal marginal zone B cell lymphoma, it accounts for about 7-8% of all non hodgkinian lymphomas. It occurs most frequently in the stomach (70% of the cases), but can also occur on non gastric tissue especially the salivary glands, orbit, thyroid, lungs. However, colo-rectal and nasopharyngeal involvements are extremely rare. We report the case of a combination of these unusual locations in a 51-years-old patient in whom MALT lymphoma was diagnosed in 2006. The patient had rectal bleeding. Colonoscopy has shown the presence of large ulcerated folds of the rectum. Pathological and immunohistochemical study confirmed the diagnosis of MALT lymphoma. No extra intestinal involvement was found on the staging evaluation. The patient had a pelvic radiation at the dose of 40 Gy with endoscopic and histological remission. Eight months after the end of treatment, clinical examination showed an oropharyngeal mass. The computed tomography revealed a thickening of the posterior nasopaharyngel wall extended to the oropharynx. The diagnosis of MALT lymphoma was confirmed by the biopsy. The patient had radiotherapy on the Wadayer ring at the dose of 44 Gy. Currently, five years after the end of treatment, the patient is on complete remission.


Malt lymphoma, Rectum, Nasopharynx

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