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National Bureau of Statistics of China has published a statistical communique of Chinese national economy and social development in 2015. According to this statistical communique, the number of the total population of China (mainland) in the end of 2015 is 137,462,0000. Among these, the population of permanent residents in cities and towns is 771,160,000. And the life expectancy at birth is 76.34. At the end of 2015, there are 990,248 medical organizations. Among these, there are 27215 hospitals. The number of health workers is 803,0000. Among them the number of licensed doctors and assistant doctors is 300,0000. The national average health care expenditure is 2326.8 yuan. The percentage of health care expenditure in GDP is 5.57%. Each doctor in public hospitals should treat 7.6 patients and 2.7 inpatients daily.

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