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Bio Statement Upon defining what a visa on arrival is, this post will discuss the Vietnam visa on arrival letter of approval of approval. Currently, you'll find 3 ways of acquiring a visa to Vietnam: getting of a visa for Vietnam thru the traditional option of visiting the Vietnam Embassy, processing of an electronic visa named as Vietnam e visa, and, if you are far from the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam or don't wanna avail of an e visa Vietnam, applying online for the Vietnam visa on arrival letter as well as having your visa to Vietnam stamped at the international air-ports in Vietnam.
Visa on arrival criteria
Needless to say, in comparison to the 1st two options of availing a visa Vietnam, the visa on arrival has certain conditions. One is that it is only appropriate to visitors that travel by aircraft to get to one of the 4 Vietnam international air-ports. In case you go to Vietnam by ship or land, you might opt to get your visa at the Embassy of Vietnam or thru a tourist company.
In the acquisition of your Vietnam visa, you may need to go through particular approvals. You'll also need to submit particular documents that would legalize and approve the whole visa application. Once you have determined to undergo the visa application procedure for your excursion to Vietnam, you could begin by dealing with all the things related to your Vietnam visa pre-approval letter.
Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter
The Vietnam visa letter on arrival, also referred to as the Vietnam VOA approval letter, is a document that is granted by the Immigration Department. This letter is considered as lawful and authorized for anybody wanting to get into the country.
The goal of the Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter, specifically for a Vietnam visa application, is to serve as an formal license permitting the owner of the mentioned letter to travel as well as go into Vietnam by plane. It also allows the holder of the letter to pay for the Vietnam stamping fee when he or she has landed at one of the four international flight terminals in Vietnam.
If you don't have the time as well as effort to go to the embassy, acquiring a on-arrival visa is probably one of the most convenient options for you. Additionally, you can opt to get the services of a visa-processing company.
They’ll be the one to seek the Vietnam visa letter on arrival from the Vietnam Immigration Department given that you send them all the important papers. This is probably one of the most trouble-free methods to acquire your visa approval letter to Vietnam for your Vietnam visa.
If you are one of those people that want to know all of the step-by-step procedures before actually doing something, here is a complete guideline of what to do. What to submit are also mentioned below. And lastly, there are also the things to expect when acquiring Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter.
• You may start by filling in the visa application form in any of the certified websites of legitimate travel agencies.
• You'll be asked to give further documentation like your latest picture, personal details, arrival date, and your chosen payment method.
• A certified and trusted tourist firm will acknowledge the responsibility of handling all the needed criteria, making sure that all of these criteria are satisfied, and guiding you with regards to what will happen next.
• When you arrive at any of the 4 international air-ports of Vietnam (since visa on arrival is just applicable to those traveling by airplane as well as landing in either Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Cam Ranh, or Da Nang flight terminal), you will need to fill in a form, show your Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter, the required documents, and also pay the stamping fee.
Common mistakes in getting Vietnam pre approval letter
• Ensure to check the dates. Most applicants trying to get visa on arrival are not able to acquire the Vietnam approval letter since they couldn’t submit the criteria on time.
• When filling in the application form for your VOA for visa on arrival Vietnam approval letter, you need to make certain that the spelling and the instructions are precise and fulfilled. Even when the e-mail came from a travel company or the Immigration Department of Vietnam, make sure to always double-check all the information provided.
• Be reminded that you'll pay the Vietnam stamping fee once you reach the Vietnam international airfield as well as have undergone the final procedure.
• Another note to bear in mind is that the Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter need to be shown at the Vietnam flight terminal. Most travelers do not remember this, and they normally lose their letter on the jet.
You might decide to seek the help of the many travel companies out there. One of the best companies, which has been around and serving travelers for 10 years, is the Greenvisa – you can definitely be sure that you will never miss a step! They will provide you with a secured and more convenient method of submitting an application for visa on arrival in Vietnam.